Why Global Ionizer Water Systems?

Top reviews for whole-home water filtration systems are sought by many potential customers. Guess which brand always wins when those sites compare whole-home water filtration systems? That’s right, you guessed “the brands they sell”! The whole home water filtration system companies whose machines we review on our site pay us referral fees. There is no extra charge for our referral fee. As part of their advertising budgets, these companies pay us. Due to the fact that we don’t sell any machines, we’re able to review machines unbiasedly and tell you what we found. No matter what brand of machine you buy, we don’t care. All we can do is guide you to the best whole-home water filtration system based on your needs and budget.

How about the whole house water filtration system we didn’t review?

Some brands do not want their machines reviewed on our site. These brands have told us this. Our decision is to honor their request. Regardless of whether we have a referral agreement with a brand, we review all brands that do not object to being reviewed. Nevertheless, most of the brands you see on whole home water filtration system reviews do pay referral fees for customers we refer.

Global Ionizer Water Systems: What you can expect

Test results from the brands we review will be provided to you. Each machine will be tuned up to give its best performance. Water from the same source will always be used. We will be fair in our reviews.

Water performance is affected by the source water you use. In order to game their reviews, dishonest review sites alter the water they use. By adding chemicals to your water, you can easily skew test results. We will always use straight tap water from the same source, without any additives.

There are some review sites that adjust a machine’s power setting in order to give a lower rating than the machine’s peak performance. For this reason, we adjust each machine to give it the best performance before we test it. We guarantee that the results you see are the best that the machine can produce.

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