Is there anything that could go wrong? Whole-home water filtration systems made in China are inexpensive. Compared to Korean- or Japanese-made machines, our machines cost half as much. What is the secret to selling these machines so cheaply? The devices made in China all have three things in common: they are not medical devices and they have low power and small plates. These three areas where Chinese manufacturers cut corners enable them to save money on machine manufacturing. These are three areas where you shouldn’t cut corners. What could go wrong? In terms of your health, there is plenty to choose from.

Certification of medical devices is important for your health

As a medical device, whole-home water filtration systems are recommended by doctors in both Japan and Korea. Various conditions can be treated with these machines, including mild digestive upsets and bone preservation. The FDA of one of those countries can only certify a medical device as a medical device in those countries. When a device is certified as a medical device, it meets some very important standards:

  • Water that is suitable for treatment is produced by the machine
  • The water produced by the machine is not contaminated by harmful materials like lead or titanium oxide
  • There will be no problems with the machine
  • The components of the system are reliable and of high quality

Wouldn’t you want the same quality of health care as doctors? A medical device certification costs a lot of money. However, that certification is your assurance that the whole-home water filtration system you’re using will deliver safe, medically effective alkaline water.

Get rid of the lead. Lead contamination is one of the biggest problems with Chinese-made whole-home water filtration systems. Lead is a problem in many Chinese products intended for medical use. US customs have sent Chinese medical products back to China because they were found to be contaminated with lead. Chinese-made machines should be avoided for this reason alone because lead in water is a dangerous neurotoxin!

The first takeaway is that a whole-house water filtration system that has medical device certification will work as directed and will be safe to use. Lead may be present in machines without medical certification, and they may not work as directed. The power of cheap whole-home water filtration systems is so low. Why is that? You can whole home water filtration system more effectively with more power. The more power you use, the more molecular hydrogen you get, and the more antioxidant benefits you get. When you purchase a whole home water filtration system, you are paying for those three things. Alkaline water’s health benefits are attributed to them.

Why do Chinese manufacturers put so little power into their machines? In order for a machine to have good power, it needs good-quality plates. Platinum coatings make good quality plates expensive. By chemically reacting with water, platinum will not produce harmful compounds in your water. In the absence of platinum on the plates, harmful chemical byproducts can be formed. Platinum coatings are important. The thickness should be at least 20 microns. A good manufacturer will tell you how thick the platinum coating is on their plates. Manufacturers of poor quality won’t. They will call their plates “nano-coated” or something like that to get around the subject. You have protected against harmful chemical byproducts thanks to the platinum coating on the machine’s plates. Make sure the company you plan to buy from tells you how thick the actual platinum coating is. Don’t be fooled by sales gimmicks like “nano-coating”.

It is cheaper to make small plates, but it is better to use large plates

Last but not least, Chinese manufacturers cut costs by keeping the plate size small. Water in the machine is only a whole-home water filtration system when it comes into contact with the plates. As soon as it leaves the plates, it’s over. A large plate’s advantage is that it allows water to stay in contact with it for a longer period of time. The water stays on the large plate for a long time, so it is thoroughly a whole home water filtration system. The cost of making larger plates is higher. Platinum coating costs more, and it cost more to make. It is their performance that makes Enagic and whole home water filtration systems two of the most popular brands. Both of these companies offer the largest plates available in a whole-home water filtration system.

It is more efficient to alkalize water thoroughly on large plates than on small plates. Alkaline water is produced by a whole-home water filtration system. Large plates are the hallmark of the best machines.

As a result, you get what you pay for

Saving money with a cheap machine is great, but will it benefit or harm your health? Medical devices that are not certified can be dangerous, and they may not work as intended. What’s the point of taking chances with your health? For good health, you buy better food, spend money on fitness, and sometimes even spend top dollar on medicines. You plan to drink healthy water, so why should it be any different? A healthy lifestyle is an investment. It’s not worth it to gamble on a cheap whole-home water filtration system.