In decades, whole-home water filtration systems have been the biggest breakthrough in water technology. Alkaline water has so many benefits! However, shopping for one is extremely confusing and requires a lot of research. Our team of alkaline academics has been there and wants to take the stress out of finding the right whole-home water filtration system. Don’t listen to the he-said, she-said of competitors and get the facts straight. Our team includes a graduate student working to get through school, a stay-at-home mom whose children have grown up, and a health expert/athlete who is obsessed with this water. Although we are a motley crew, our combined experience equals almost 20 years! If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Contact us before you purchase a whole home water filtration system.

Every whole home water filtration system on the market has been tested by the staff at Global Ionizer Water System. We test all specifications, take apart the machines, and conduct lab testing to ensure we are providing you with the best alkaline water machine.

Get alkaline! Experience the benefits of alkaline, hydrogen-rich water with high antioxidant content. Why not get started today? Call us now for a free consultation at 866-256-1565