The best whole-home water filtration system machines are powerful

The best whole-home water filtration system makes Alkaline water with high antioxidant potential. To deliver that antioxidant potential, an whole-home water filtration system needs to have a lot of power, and plates that are large enough to handle that power. The most powerful power supplies are SMPS power systems because these power supplies are more efficient than ordinary power supplies

What to look for: SMPS power systems with 400 or more watts of power

The best whole-home water filtration system has large plates

The plates must be large enough and well-made enough to handle all that power. The best machines will have nine or more large plates, but you can still find good systems with seven large plates that supply adequate performance if you are on a budget. The best quality plates are GRID plates because they are drop-forged, a process that makes them very durable, and they are highly efficient. Heavy-duty GRID plates raise the pH and antioxidant performance of a machine by 10 – 15%. MESH plates also raise the pH and antioxidant levels by a similar margin, but they aren’t as durable as GRID plates

What to look for: Large plates, preferably nine or more. Heavy-Duty GRID or MESH plate systems

The best whole-home water filtration system has custom filtration

The quality of the water that flows into the chamber is a major factor in determining the quality of the water that comes out of the whole-home water filtration system. To have good quality water flowing into the chamber, the whole-home water filtration system must be fitted with the right filters for the toxins unique to your local water supply.

But what toxins are in your local water supply? There are literally thousands of different toxic substances that can show up in your water supply, and no one filter can address them all. The solution is custom filtration. It’s simple: Equip the custom pre-filter that targets any toxins missed by the machine’s internal filtration.

The best water whole-home water filtration system will find out for you what toxins are in your local water supply, and they’ll customize the filtration system of your water Alkaline at no additional charge. Lesser quality companies will make you pay for this service, or maybe even not offer it at all. The fact is, the best quality machines out there aren’t necessarily the most expensive. You should shop around until you find a machine that meets all three of the quality criteria described here:

  • SMPS power – 400 watts or more
  • Large plates, preferably GRID or MESH
  • Custom filtration that targets the toxins in your water supply

The high-quality machines that meet these standards are the machines that are most likely to give you a lifetime of quality service, and antioxidant alkaline water that will make a big difference in your health.