1-Stage Plus Lead and Cyst Whole House Water Filtration System


Have cleaner water with this Pelican Water one-stage whole house water filtration system. It eliminates chlorine, lead and other harmful toxins. The 0.5-micron activated-carbon filter system stops sediment build-up without wasting water or electricity. Without a drain line, inside or outside installation is convenient.



Capacity: 5 gpm
Recommended filter change is approximately three months in a typical home – or, when 10 psi pressure drop is recorded
90-day satisfaction guarantee
Softer skin and hair
Great tasting water, coffee, tea, and juices
Better than bottled water from every tap in your home
Does not waste water
Requires no electricity
Easy installation (inside or outside)
No drain required
Oversize filters improve flow rate and reduce maintenance frequency
Designed specifically for city / municipal water (not to be used with microbiologically unsafe water)
All filter cartridge materials and components are FDA-compliant, making them ideal for use in residential, food service and commercial drinking water applications
0.5 micron filtration for filtering solvents, chlorine, lead, cysts and turbidity
Filter cartridge has been tested and certified by NSF international against NSF/ANSI standard 42 for material requirements only
Chlorine reduction 42,000 gal. at 5 gpm
Lead reduction 17,000 gal. at 5 gpm


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