Signature Series Complete Whole House Water Filtration System with Fine Mesh Resin – 48,000 Grains


Signature Elite combines our Whole House Fortitude Pro water treatment system, Harmony Whole House Water Softener, and our Premier Series Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System all into one to give you the cleanest, healthiest water possible. Enjoy healthy, clean tasting water and indulge yourself in the luxury spa-quality bathing water at every faucet outlet. Protect home appliance and pipes as it minimizes scale buildup to improve durability, efficiency, and its lifespan. Save time, money, and the environment on lower energy costs and water consumption as your water appliance works more efficiently.



  • Perfect whole house water solution for 3 to 4 bathrooms homes and up to 5 family members, who desire softener water and clean, pure drinking water for the whole family
    Reduce water contaminants for the entire home such as heavy metals, chlorine chemicals, and bad odors, inhibit bacteria and algae growth with KDF media while prolonging the life of household appliances
  • 48,000 grains rated water softener help soften the water by removing skin-damaging hard minerals like iron and magnesium that clog up the skin pore and causes irritation
  • Exceptional performance and highly efficient Aquatrol control head and AQUASURE reverse osmosis membrane help save water and reduce overall maintenance costs while giving you the highest performance in terms of softening water and water contaminants rejection
  • Constructed of high strength, premium quality materials with built-in safety features that ensure your home is protected even during system downtime
  • Included KDF85 Media and Fine Mesh Resin help reduce the moderate amounts of iron in the water.


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